Mini Games Are The Most Useful Elements In Animal Jam

There are two main elements in Animal Jam game, namely, mini games and role playing. I found mini games to be more useful regarding generating resources. Mini games are standard and appeared to me quite solid overall. These games are enjoyable, and I found they are quite good in difficulty level and entertainment value. Most of the mini games range up to 50 levels, and some of the games require incredibly fast fingers, which I did not have. Apart from these, I also found some puzzle games requiring only patience to win and other trivial games wherein I had to compete with other players and answer variously themed questions.

Each land had two mini-games in an average which are very well made and enjoyable as well. Some games could be played in multiplayer mode even, ranging from 2 to 4 players. However, I found some games to be very simple and thought that any average kid would be able to successfully play it to find the Animal Jam game to be interesting and captivating. I found the Long Shot game to be good enough to keep any child engaged as all I had to do time my click of the mouse so that the balled up armadillo fly across the landscape. While some fell nearby, some of it went far across, depending on the timing of my click.

There are also some other games in Animal Jam in which I did not earn any gems but got floating icons which were temporary. All these are mostly food items like hot cocoa or popcorn which are meant to facilitate my role playing with my character. In all the games I did not have the luxury to be sluggish as each time I did I found my game affected sometimes resulting in abrupt ending of my turn. Few games also require proper control of animals and balance them effectively to prevent each wave of the pests and insects. Once I was able to overcome these lacunas, I was able to rack up a monumental score every time hence.

Apart from the minor inconveniences, mini games in Animal Jam are very useful, solid and entertaining overall. Still, I found these mini games interesting as some of them are fairly easy to operate and play. There are also different varieties of it in the game which I feel has a greater probability of liking by any individual. The games are also very cheap to play and are a good source of generating animal jam free membership andĀ gems, which is the most beneficial aspect of these mini games.

Though it is not possible for very small kids to attain such high levels of each game, I am sure that everyone will like whatever levels they reach up to as all the levels are interesting and equally useful. Almost all of the mini-game genre could be found in Animal Jam game, which makes it a popular and useful ways to earn resources. So, I would suggest that one should play all types of games up to the level possible and earn as much resource as possible, just as I did.

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